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Current Location> HOME> Fiji Students and Tourist Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements Required Fiji by the embassy

1. Visitor Visa Requirements
Complete Visa application Form [available on this website]. Incomplete forms may cause delays in issuance of applicants visa. Ensure to provide:

  • Two (2) recent passport size photos – only 1 to be notarized

  • A passport that does not expire within six (6) months from the date of departure from Fiji.

  • Your full address while in Fiji;

  • Provide a letter of support from your relatives and/or friends if you will be staying with them whilst in Fiji;

  • Evidence of Funds to finance the visit - Provide Original Bank Statement;

  • A copy of your proposed flight itinerary to and from Fiji(do not purchase air tickets, etc., prior to Visa approval).

Lodge the application by mail or in-person and pay the due fee

  • In person:
    Pay the due fee (in renminbi cash only) at the Visa Section of the Fiji Embassy

  • By mail:
    Payment can also be made through the Chinese post office by Chinese postal money order and the application mailed directly to the Embassy of Fiji:
    Visa Officer
    Embassy of the Republic of Fiji Islands
    1-15-2 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Building
    Beijing 100600
    People’s Republic of China

    When paying by mail order note that all information must be written in Chinese and note the following points:

    • Amount of Money Order: The money order must be for the exact amount, please note the charges below.

    • The recipient: Fiji Embassy Visa Section

    • Recipient’s address: Fiji Embassy 1-15-2 Ta Yuan Diplomatic Building ,

    • Sanlitun Beijing 100600

    • Payer’s address: Detailed address of the applicant

    • Payer’s name: You must write the full name of the applicant. If a representative of the applicant is paying the fee, the name of the applicant must also appear on the money order. If the applicant is from Guangdong then next to the applicant ' s name please write the phonetic pronunciation of their name using pinyin.

    • Notes on Money order: The note section at the bottom of the money order can be used to provide any addition information to the Embassy. This may include the type of visa you are applying for.

    Types of Visa ..... Renminbi
    Multiple Entry ..... 1,040
    Single Entry ..... 520
    Transit ..... 1,000

  • Note: Allow minimum of Ten (10) working days for processing and approval.

2. Student Visa
Student visa forms are issued from this office on receipt of 50 Renminbi. Forms once completed are sent directly to the Director of Immigration, together with the following:

  • Acceptance letter from the school/research centre in Fiji

  • Medical report

  • Police report

  • Financial Status.

  • The paperwork can be completed after the student enters Fiji on condition he/she arrives with a return ticket (valid for one year) or pay security bond.

    Fees: F$ 123.75 application & issue fees

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